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Conservationist Pete the Pond’s Aquatic Garden Gets Pushback From Local Government

By NowThis Earth Published on April 15, 2021

Pete the Pond is a conservationist who uses his aquatic garden and ponds to increase biodiversity in his community — but now he’s getting pushback from local officials.
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Peter Birchall, better known as Pete the Pond, is a landscaper in the UK who specializes in pond construction and the creation of aquatic habitats.

He reportedly has approximately 30 ponds and 180 species of native aquatic plants in his yard, which he says he uses to increase biodiversity in his neighborhood. Pete brings plants and creatures from his garden to schools to teach children about the environment.

But after complaints from neighbors, the Wealden District Council wants him to remove everything from his garden, believing that he is operating a commercial enterprise in a residential area.

To learn more about Pete’s Pond and to help save it visit in the UK or internationally.

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