American Black Cross

The American Black Cross means that “WE OPERATE IN THE BLACK” from a financial perspective with no administrative salaries being paid. We make sure that everything entrusted into our care reaches those in need. We use every available resource to locate those impacted in under-served areas and or disaster zones. We listen to the experts in helping us to identify those at risk.

We provide Spiritual support to those affected by natural, and/or socio-economic disasters, and assist those who are providing community support on a daily basis regardless of beliefs, and faith. We believe in humanity, and support all of humanity locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Once the first responders, news media, and others have gone onto the next disaster, #WE RESPOND #WEGOTNEXT with supplies, support and spiritual assistance to help them rebuild ENGAGE and EMPOWER !! We often join in with local and national faith-based and Community organizations in the area impacted in a collaborative approach for measurable effectiveness and strength. We are innovative in our approach and are out of the box thinkers to get the job done.