Restorative Farms

The Mission of Restorative Farms is to foster a vibrant and viable community-based urban farm system in South Dallas, TX, a community that most needs fresh food access and employment.

Our goal is to create a self-sustaining, professionally-run farm system (what we call an “agrisystem”) to: Grow and sell fresh, local vegetables; build and sell GroBoxes, seedlings, and soil; and provide meaningful jobs as well as farming and entrepreneurial training.

We believe that professionally run, efficient, small-scale agriculture can be an integral part of local economic growth as well as environmental and health equity.

Restorative Farms arose from the notion of restorative justice where a community and its citizens work cooperatively from within to repair the harm done by crime and injustice.

South Dallas, TX, is one of the most impoverished and resource depleted areas in the country. Add to this the fact that it sits in one of the largest food deserts (an area with a lack of access to fresh, healthy foods) and the need for restoration is apparent.

Together, we can “solve” the three main issues that most urban farms face:

1) providing healthy, affordable produce to the community;

2) creating income for the community growers and producers with profits from the production and sales of this food;

3) providing community members training, work, entrepreneurial and leadership experience as well as other opportunities that will allow them to break the cycle of poverty and resource depletion.