The Skip Shockley Foundation

The Skip Shockley Foundation is a 501(c3) non profit, charitable organization located in Dallas, Texas. Our mission is to empower communities to create, build, nurture, and sustain a strong and healthy future. We are committed to providing services to further nurture the education, economic, mental and social development needs of our community.

Honoring Skip Shockley: Author James “Skip” Shockley was a family man, author and an active member in his community. A native of South Dallas, he dedicated time to educate and protect those in his community. Skip Shockley was a Ranking File Member of the Black Panther Party Dallas/Denton Chapter. He helped organize many of the party’s programs such as the Free Breakfast Program, Sickle Cell program, and The Oakland School Program which provided resources to many families in the community. Later in life, he remained active in his community by providing services to the people in southern Dallas such as HIV testing, STD screenings, substance abuse education, business sponsorship, mentorship, and more. Skip Shockley also authored two books in his spare time called Mothers Son and Reverend Kazz’s Apple.

His hard work in the Dallas community is appreciated and we look forward to honoring his legacy by continuing his work and pushing forth his mission of empowering and serving the people. ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE