Protecting Our World with Organic Pest Control.

EarthX events have helped consumers find green pest control options from partner Eco Friends Pest Control not only makes eco‑friendly pest control options that use zero synthetic chemicals, but also educates the public on green solutions to control pests.

Every year after participating EarthX events and gaining face-to-face time with the green community of Dallas, Eco Friends Pest Control revenue has grown by 30% annually, making it not only a great way to help the environment but a great way to build a business. “If I spend money on advertising, it’s at Earth Day,” said Lin Ellis, owner of Eco Friends Pest Control.

While many pest control companies say they are eco-friendly, most only use low mixtures of chemicals which don’t truly qualify as being green. The general consumer does not know the questions to ask and Eco Friends Pest Control educates the public at the annual EarthX event about these issues.