Earthopoly Board Game


EARTHOPOLY IS A GAME CELEBRATING EARTH, ONE TURN AT A TIME! GREETINGS FELLOW EARTHLINGS! Take a moment and look around! This is one AWESOMELY BEAUTIFUL planet we’re all spinning on! When you look at the BIG picture, we all share the same address. And what prime real estate it is! Players buy properties then collect Carbon Credits and trade them in for Clean Air. AHHHHHH! LEARN ABOUT YOUR PLANET AND HOW TO CARE FOR IT AS YOU PLAY! The deeds give interesting facts about each property as well as a GO GREEN tip with Earth friendly suggestions! So, step away from that TV and computer, choose your token and advance to GO GREEN! You may soon be loading your backpack and heading to Friendly Forests… Or you may be sent to the DUMP! Earthopoly Rocks! Wanna play? Product Dimensions: 20 X 10 X 1.5 IN. 2-6 PLAYERS, AGES 8 AND UP

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