Restore Coral

EarthX partnered with Restore Coral in the Mexico Pavilion at EarthX EXPO 2019 to highlight the Mesoamerican Reef Crisis and worked for the restoration of reef systems in Mexico through social innovation, art, and emerging technologies. They were awarded by MTV Agents of Change Awarded for their Virtual Reality Ocean Awareness Campaign & Digital Gap Reduction Program.

Restore Coral has also advanced the Coral Reef Resilience agenda in Mexico through the legislative process and by securing commitments from candidates in regional and federal Elections.

1 Vote = 1 Coral was a campaign that led to the current restoration in Quintana Roo with a goal of planting 265,000 coral units in the Mayan Reef by 2022. Restore Coral also lobbied for an agreement in the Senate of the Republic that was published in the Official Diary of the Federation.

Los Océanos de México Environmental Agenda 2018-204 Commitment led to the inclusion of coral restoration in the National Development Plan and the 100 Priority Projects and Commitments of Mexico.

To pave the way for restoration turism, Restore Coral in partnership with the Ministry of Environment launched a national campaign promoting planting coral in Cozumel and declared 2018 as International Year of the Reef.

In response to the Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease (SCTLD) in the Mexican Caribbean, Restore Coral undertook a Germplasm Bank project to secure the genetic diversity of the endemic species. Restore Coral is also working on a pilot program to involve local fishery cooperatives in a Habitat Regeneration Program.