sylvia-earle-habitat-window_45011_600x450Want to truly understand the ocean, and how important ocean conservation is? One way to start is to…get in the ocean.

And one way to do that is to learn how to SCUBA dive. Speak Up For Blue, a SCUBA diving blog, lists three reasons how SCUBA divers can help save the oceans, including the fact that SCUBA divers realize how fragile life can be under the ocean.

At EarthX, you’ll have a chance to learn how to SCUBA dive – in a mobile dive tank available to kids and adults.

diveThe Go Dive Now mobile pool is 20′ x 30′, and attendees can try SCUBA diving with certified instructors. All you need to do is bring your bathing suit – wetsuits, fins and diving equipment are all provided.

Come join us at EarthX April 20-22: FREE in Fair Park!

Children ages 10 to 11 will be required to have an adult in the pool trying scuba with them. Ages 12 to 17 must be accompanied by an adult.