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Our First Entrepreneur in Residence

EarthX <EIR> launched in October 2020 with Cody Merrill, founder of Socialwyze, as the first resident. Merrill comes to EarthX with a degree in Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and experience at multiple medical software startups, including CareExpand. After witnessing the travesty of wasted human potential from homelessness while residing in San Francisco and Dallas, Merrill focused his attention on creating Socialwyze.

Cody Merrill

Cody Merrill is developing Socialwyze, a mobile app that helps governments and donors pay unemployed people to perform public benefit work to help them afford housing and transition back into employment.

Many individuals struggle to convey credibility to potential employers whenever they have experienced job loss, homelessness, prior incarceration, or PTSD. Workers automatically build up their digital resumes while tackling their communities’ most pressing environmental problems, allowing them to project credibility to landlords and employers. The instant financial stability and flexible scheduling allow people to take care of their family while pursuing a comprehensive path toward upward mobility.

“When households experience income disruption, it is far cheaper for society to pay them to perform meaningful public benefit work to afford housing than to allow them to hit rock bottom through eviction, homelessness, or incarceration,” said EarthX EIR Resident and Socialwyze Founder Cody Merrill. “There are enough resources around the world to eradicate poverty and reverse climate change if we can stop viewing these problems in isolation. Socialwyze breaks down these silos by helping communities pair people who most need income with local environmental work that most needs to be completed.”

Socialwyze will be launching their first pilot in EarthX’s home base in Dallas by deploying workers from local homeless shelter The Bridge to a local community garden at Hatcher Station. Workers will generate income accelerating their transition to private housing while building work experience and a digital resume helping them secure long-term private employment. Their work at the community garden will help address the produce shortfall in Dallas’s southern sector food desert while expanding regenerative and local agricultural practices that can materially impact climate change at scale. Visit to learn more about the Socialwyze app and company mission.