Strengthening the Spirit with Yoga, Dogs, and Dirt

The Warrior Spirit Project was the 2017 EarthxPitch – Veteran Winner. The organization’s mission is to help restore the soul and strengthen the spirit of veterans and first responders through Yoga, Dogs, and Dirt, offering support for the transition from isolation to meaningful community engagement.

The Neighborhood Kitchen Garden Co-op is part of the “Dirt” program, GOOD to GrOw, which provides veterans with opportunities for therapeutic “grounding” through gardening, nourishment through harvested produce, and community-building through engagement with non-veteran gardeners.

EarthX provided the organization with a grant to implement the first pilot program of Warrior Spirit Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit veteran service organization based in Cedar Hill, Texas. The organization currently has seven veterans who have received funding from the project, which exceeds their original proposal of five.

Two new neighborhoods have also been added with a veteran lead identified for each one. They are very enthusiastic about having gardens and about growing the co-op in their own neighborhoods.