EarthX Leads Pledge to Strike Out Straws.

Over 500 million plastic straws are used every day in the U.S. Once they are discarded, single-use plastic straws, which are made from petroleum, require over 200 years to break down, which effectively adds to plastic debris in our landfills and the plastic already covering one third of the world’s oceans.

This year, EarthX and EarthxFilm launched a year-round effort to Strike Out Straws. During the annual expo in April, EarthX implemented a straw‑free zone, with vendors and exhibitors forbidden from using plastic straws. Additionally, EarthxFilm hosted a competition for students, challenging them to make a short film on why plastic straws should be banned.

“We knew we needed to get behind this,” said Michael Cain, founder of EarthxFilm. “A million straws sounds like a lot, but … you take small steps to reach your bigger goal.”

Cain’s perception of straws evolved after the 2017 EarthxFilm festival screened Straws, a documentary profiling the anti-straw campaign.