Leading the Way on Sustainable Energy Solutions.

Energy giant Shell is all about delivering efficient, environmentally friendly solutions to meet society’s energy demands, and as part of that commitment has partnered with EarthX to highlight several of Shell’s conservation initiatives.

Shell leads the way on many initiatives to provide sustainable solutions to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy in the transport sector. At this year’s conference, Shell also provided a venue for EarthX attendees to learn about its current efforts to reduce its environmental impact.

Shell’s flagship project, Starship, is a next-generation transport truck that features a custom, aerodynamic design, and whose purpose is to develop improvements in fuel economy for Class 8 trucks while lowering emissions.

Shell is also working with the Coastal Conservation Association and the Building Conservation Trust to create an artificial reef.

We commend Shell as an industry leader in sustainability efforts, and for partnering with EarthX to advance its mission to achieve sustainability in the US through environmental stewardship. We are excited to continue to work with Shell in achieving its goal of increased sustainability, and we look forward to seeing their progress on Starship and more.