At the Earthx2019 EarthxE-Capital Summit, Austin’s Capital Factory awarded startup Syzygy Plasmonics a $100,000 investment to kick start its fundraising efforts. Syzygy is building a photocatalytic chemical reactor developed at Rice University that promises to revolutionize industrial gas, chemical, and energy. This technology could reduce costs and emissions for major commodity chemicals like plastic, fertilizer, and fuel.

If successful, the reactor will be the highest performing photocatalyst in the world. The “Antenna-Reactor” uses a combination of light harvesting plasmonic nanoparticles and catalyst nanoparticles to yield chemicals such as hydrogen, at scale. Syzygy draws on expertise from chemical engineers, material scientists, theoretical physicists, and nanophotonics specialists. The $100,000 was a critical catalyst helping Szyzygy raise and close a $5.8MM Series A funding round.

“It helped give our investors a boost of confidence,” said Trevor Best, Syzygy Founder and CEO. “EarthX provides a platform to help push sustainability and support the cleantech startup community.”

“We are excited to see the EarthxE-Capital Summit serve as a catalyst helping environmental technology companies accomplish their goals,” said Matt Myers, EarthxE-Capital Summit Vice President and EarthxE-Capital Summit Co-Founder. We look forward to updates on their progress next April.”