The time is now to take action for the vital rainforests on our planet. In 2017, Rainforest Partnership launched the inaugural World Rainforest Day as a collaborative effort to raise awareness and motivate the public to save one of the Earth’s most precious resources, the rainforests. EarthX was honored to be part of the inaugural #WorldRainforestDay. Education and awareness are the first steps towards change and solutions. Learn about some of the deadly impactful threats to our rainforests and why it is imperative for you to get involved in protecting them.

5 Threats to our Rainforests

  • In the first half of this year, 27,814 fires were detected in the Amazon. Many were initiated by people to clear land for cattle ranching.
  • The production of beef is the biggest cause of deforestation in the Amazon.
  • Even the smallest alteration in climate can greatly disrupt the biodiversity in rainforests. Already, many species have become endangered or gone extinct.
  • 15% of global carbon emissions come from the deforestation of the tropical rainforests annually.
  • Every two seconds a football field size of tropical rainforest is destroyed.

5 Reasons to Take Action for our Rainforests

  • A fifth of all freshwater is found in tropical rainforests.
  • One tree can store one ton of CO2 in 40 years.
  • The Amazon Basin is home to about 400 groups of indigenous peoples, speaking over 300 different languages.
  • Tropical rainforests make up less than 3% of our planet’s surface area, but play a critical role in stabilizing our climate.
  • About half of the Earth’s plant and animal species call the rainforest home.