Today’s world is a beautiful place and filled with the most breathtaking of sensory experiences. Think of hiking through the woods in fall, and hearing dried leaves and sticks crunching beneath your feet. Think of walking down the beach of the coast, watching seafoam collect on the shoreline while the fresh scent of salted sea spray tickled your nose. Think of cresting a peak on the Rocky Mountains, looking out, and taking in the sights and sounds of nature’s wondrous vast frontier.

The issue…What if the crunch under your feet were from discarded fast-food wrappers? What if the fresh salted sea spray was tinged with the scent of garbage being washed up on shore?  Or, what if the vast frontier of foliage, flora, fauna, and nature’s creatures vanished right before your eyes? It’s sad but true if we don’t band together, there’s a possibility these could all happen (and more).

At EarthX, we’re dedicated to helping organizations, groups, and individuals discover, create, and establish sustainable solutions and change for a better future, it just takes a little insight and knowhow…That’s where our EarthxStories blog comes into play.

Simply put: EarthxStories is our way of showing how little changes have HUGE impacts on the world around us. It’s about being proactive rather than reactive and seeing how every little change leads to bigger and better things.

EarthxStories is an informative, exciting, judge-free, shame-free blog that offers simple ideas and easy-to-accomplish solutions to help motivate and empower people around the planet to create a more sustainable future. It serves to arm readers with interesting environmental facts that are easy to recall and easy to align with our mission daily.

By arming you with facts that support the earth, together, we can achieve even greater awareness and drive toward a world where taking action has a lasting impact. But we can’t do it alone. We need your support. Get involved.