EARTHxHack is the world’s largest environmental innovation competition. It is an annual event held to facilitate the innovation of eco-friendly tech and to connect students with companies. EARTHxHack is a 24-hour competition in which teams race to beat the clock and each other.  Teams attempt to create the best environmentally impactful program and mobile application that could solve real world issues on a global scale.

The companies attending come from a variety of industries such as: transportation, smart cities, government, insurance, forest restoration, ocean recovery, and severe weather. This event provides a valuable networking opportunity for participants. Top talent may be recruited for internships, part-time, or full-time positions.


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Last year, EARTHxHack had 819 participants with 91 schools represented, and 85 prototypes were created during the competition. Our winning team from 2017 developed Ridr- a social networking app for ride-sharing to reduce carbon emissions.

EARTHxHack will be held April 21-22, 2018 in Dallas, TX at Fair Park.

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“EARTHxHack was an amazing experience with technology, recruiting and fun as the main focus. We saw innovative projects that have a future within Toyota.” – Toyota Connected

“EARTHxHack provided ample support for loT devices within smart cities and rural regions of the world. Some projects will be taken to our internal R&D department to determine how we as an insurance and technology company can innovate.” – State Farm