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Back by popular demand tiny houses for the DIYer’s and the serious buyers, B.A. Norrgard’s A Bed Over My Head is back with 13 unique, eco-friendly and beautifully designed tiny homes in two villages for visitors to explore at EarthX Texas on April 21, 22 & 23!

Designed by DIYers with the help of professionals, these privately owned and hand built private residences feature cost-effective materials, energy-efficient systems and architecturally attractive designs. Admission to EarthX Texas is free and admission to the Tiny House villages is $5 per person (a wristband gains you admission to all the DIY houses).


Two HOUSES FOR SALE BY OWNER - owners going even smaller!

TerraForm Tiny House

I’ve loved the time I’ve spent in it, but it’s time to help someone else start their tiny house journey. When I started down my tiny house journey, I wanted a home that I could move occasionally. After spending 4 months traveling the country in my SUV turned “micro-camper”, I realized the occasional move wouldn’t suit my gypsy lifestyle. Therefore I’ve started working on a new tiny home, a 40 sq ft highly mobile micro home, and have decided to sell my 250 sq ft mansion. I had a blast building it and am using what I learned to go even smaller!
~ Owner, Richard Ward

The Whittle Wagon (featured on HGTV’s Tiny House Nation!)

To say that a tiny house is too big may sound redundant, however for the owners of the whittle wagon that is exactly what it turned out to be. As we designed and built this house we still aimed to retain the comforts found in a traditional house. A large shower, necessity. A loft with a 6 foot clearance, obviously a requirement. Eventually our "tiny house" became a not so tiny house.
~ Andrew Whittle

Both exhibited at EarthX last year, both returning this year - you could take one home! Want to learn more? Come & tour the houses, and then sign up for the INFORMATION SESSION TO BE HELD SATURDAY, 5:30 P.M. BIDS DUE IN BOX SUNDAY 5:30 P.M.


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tiny House Panel: Tiny Houses & Love

Panelists: The Tiny House Collaborative

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tiny House Panel: The DIY Tiny House Lifestyle

Panelists: DIY Tiny House Dwellers

Each panel is 60 minutes. Schedule for times and location coming soon!

Come learn with us and explore opportunities for tiny house communities, regulation and legalization!


Tiny House Collaborative members have set up tiny house communities—and have worked with their municipalities to explore ways to address regulatory hurdles—in the Pacific Northwest, the Mid-Atlantic, and the South, so their knowledge covers multiple areas of the country!

Who Should Attend? Are you a...

Tiny house enthusiast or builder interested in forming a tiny house community?

A landowner who would like to start a tiny house community?

City official interested in learning more about tiny houses & their potential in cities & towns?

Who We Are

The Tiny House Collaborative is an affiliation of designers, educators, and community advocates. We empower individuals and organizations to transform their communities and cities through innovative housing and lifestyle choices. We advance personal and collective resiliency by providing the resources to design, build and dwell efficiently.


For more Information: www.thlab.org or banorrgard@gmail.com (214) 236-5055.