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EarthX and the Texas Veggie Fair Present EarthxVeg!

EarthX and Texas Veggie Fair have partnered to present EarthxVeg, an exciting and educational vegan lifestyle area, at EarthX 2018. EarthxVeg will highlight vegan food and products while exploring the environmental benefits of plant-based living. Countless studies in recent years have exposed the environmental consequences of factory farming, increasing interest in vegan diets for a sustainable future.…

April 17, 2018 • Food, Health & Active Lifestyle


Restoring the Land and Ecosystems

Every day, The Savory Institute has the opportunity to shed light and raise awareness on how consumers, producers and brands can all come together and restore grasslands. Grasslands constitute one-third of the Earth’s land surface and more than 70% are degraded. The global impact includes food & water scarcity, climate change and poverty. Founded in…

July 19, 2017 • Food, Health & Active Lifestyle

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Reasons to Visit the EarthX Tiny House Village

The EarthX Tiny House Village has been one of the most popular spots for attendees of EarthX in years past. This year, we’re taking it up a notch – with more tiny house options than ever before. Here are the top reasons to visit! 1) Tour hand-built tiny houses and be prepared to be amazed…

April 19, 2017 • Children & FamilyExhibitor SpotlightFood, Health & Active Lifestyle

In 2007, for the first time in history, the urban population exceeded the rural one.

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