You might think this would be an easy question to answer. Not really. There are pros and cons for these two electric energy solutions, but the best thing is that both options are renewable. And, both are increasingly accessible and affordable.

How Much?

Wind energy is one of the most affordable forms of new electricity today. In some areas of the U.S., the cost for wind-generated electricity is less than not only solar power, but less than many other forms of electric power ? renewable or not. Like wind power, solar energy is also a very affordable alternative to traditional power sources. Advances in technology, storage and distribution have made solar-generated electricity a great option for individuals and companies alike who want to lower their energy costs and commit to renewable energy sources. Not everybody gets it. Here?s the rub. Wind quality and solar quality vary by geography, making these options more or less affordable depending on where you live or do business. Solar power is cheaper in Florida than Alaska for example. More sun. Wind power is more economical in Texas than Florida. More wind. And, states are taking advantage of what is available to them. Texas for instance generates more than twice the amount of wind-based energy that the next closest state, Iowa.

And the winner is?

While wind power is the leader currently, some sources believe that solar power will be the renewable energy solution of choice within the next decade. Why? Costs to produce solar panels, install and maintain them will continue to decrease, making solar-based electricity half the cost of traditional sources in the very near future. Wind turbines are large and visible and have been controversial regarding their impact on wildlife whether on land or water. Solar panels are lower profile, less noticeable and scalable to demand and location, making them desirable in areas where sunshine is plentiful.

So, the winner today is — Wind Power. So, the winner in the future is — Solar Power.

We continue to be committed to making a positive impact on our planet and the environment. Renewable
energy is just one way to make meaningful change. You really can?t lose with either option.

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