Brooke Carter

Currently Brooke attends Laddsworth Primary school in Hilton, South Africa, where she is entering her final exams to complete her grade 5 year. She has excelled in the school and has managed to attain a report card of “straight As” as well as testing an average of 10 points above grade average across all subjects.

Brooke loves filming for earthX TV and to date has filmed two seasons that have covered a wide variety of topics, she absolutely loves her time in the field and is blessed to have found an excellent tutor in Shannon Meyer who travels with her, ensures that she has what she needs and most importantly keeps her schoolwork up to date. 

Her favorite episodes so far have been the elephant capture and costa rican rainforest where she was ecstatic to see poison dart frogs and some very interesting creatures. 

Brooke loves talking to people about her adventures and especially educating kids about conservation and she has done a number of talk to groups of kids who are always amazed at the videos and photos she shares with great enthusiasm.