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Earthx2020 to be held Virtually

Earthx2020 in Partnership with the National Geographic Society will be Held Virtually from April 22-27 to Mark the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day
We are an international, nonprofit environmental forum whose purpose is to educate and inspire people to action towards a more sustainable future.  We assemble and connect citizens, educators, students, businesses, nonprofits, and global leaders to explore sustainable solutions for today’s most pressing challenges.
“EarthX continues to move our mission forward to connect, collaborate and celebrate. Our mission is relevant, and this global situation is a great example of how interconnected we are to each other and the planet.”

– Tony Keane –
CEO, EarthX



A Global Gathering of Exhibits, Conferences, Film, Food and Fun.


Back in 2021
Fair Park – Dallas, Texas USA





Helping Teachers Teach the Next Generation of Kids to Care for the Earth.


Field Trip Day – Back in 2021
Fair Park – Dallas, Texas USA

EarthX Presents



A Multidisciplinary Environmental Performance

Created and directed by Sibylle Szaggars Redford, in collaboration with Music Composer Tim Janis,
Performance Film Artist Floyd Thomas McBee, with a spoken word narration by Robert Redford.

October 2020  •  Fair Park Music Hall  •  Dallas

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What would YOU do to protect our planet?

Be a Hero. Join the League.

Go FIFTY for 50

It’s the Ultimate Challenge for those who want Lasting Change.
5 Pledges x 10 Actions = 50 Ways to Protect our Planet.

Go for a
Green Career!

A place to find environmental jobs and people to fill them.

The first Earth Day – 1970

Were you there?

If so, FAR OUT!
Let us hear from you.
Share your story. Inspire others to keep the faith.
Join us for a groovy 50th Earth Day Celebration at Earthx2020.




50 Years of Earth Day

It’s coming! The 50th anniversary of Earth Day — and a spectacular book by EarthX celebrating this important milestone. This beautiful hardcover book revisits five decades of environmental firsts, contains thoughts from some of the most important leaders in conservation and environmental issues, and features breathtaking images of the spectacular world Earth Day calls us to protect.

Reserve your copy of this limited-edition showcase,
“50 Years of Earth Day” for a donation of $250.

Pre-ordered books will be available to ship April 1, 2020.

Texas has a long, proud history of being at the forefront of American innovation and development. Now, we have an opportunity to shape our future by adopting renewable energy. EarthX is proud to be a founding partner of RenewTX25 a pledge campaign from the Dallas County Community College District that asks Texans to switch to electricity from 100% renewable energy sources by 2025. Join us. Take the Pledge.

Go “No Containers” Loco.

Pledge to Give Up Styrofoam & Plastic Containers.

The world is using a crazy amount of plastic to-go containers that end up in our oceans and landfills – millions every day! Let’s say NO to styrofoam and plastic COntainers and redirect all that effort and energy towards finding better solutions that use biodegradable and low-impact re-usable materials.

Calculate Your Plastic Use. Then Pledge to Reduce it.
Help Turn the Tide. Get connected. Stay informed. Take action. Earthx2020 EarthxLeague

Help Turn the Tide.

Join EarthxLeague Logo

Get connected. Stay informed. Take action.

EarthxLeague is a network of passionate people on a mission to limit the effects of climate change. Through collaboration, optimism, and action, we’re turning the tide.

It’s also a place to learn about initiatives, discoveries, policies, and practices that are reshaping our world. A place to take action and collaborate with fellow Earthlings to help make change happen here.


EarthxVolunteer Wanna be a difference maker? Volunteer. Sign up. Show up. Make it count. EarthxVolunteer

Wanna be a difference maker? Volunteer.

Sign up. Show up. Make it count.

Use your passion to help preserve our world for future generations. Join our EarthX Earthling Volunteers and help teach others how to make a difference with sustainable living.

Opportunities include everything from event support and production, to assisting with hands-on activities, play areas, and exhibits. Get involved and Make Change Happen Here.


EarthX National Geographic Partnership Seal
National Geographic Partnership with Earthx2020

Let’s Make Packaging
for a Sustainable World.
Better Planet Packaging.
Open the Future.


Sustainable Steward

EarthX is an international nonprofit environmental organization dedicated to educating and inspiring actions for a more sustainable future worldwide. We connect the global community in ways that help create positive change, and ensure the future for our children and grandchildren.



EarthX hosts the world’s largest gathering of environmentally concerned citizens, educators, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and global leaders. Our annual event includes 3 days of exhibitions, a film festival, music, entertainment, learning, discussions, and conferences.

EarthX facilitates partnerships that make change happen. Our partners represent industries across the globe, including media, energy, technology, government and more – innovative organizations committed to sustainability and making the world a cleaner, better place.



EarthX provides you with stories and connections to people and organizations who are at work to create a sustainable world for all life and future generations. Connect with people who share your passion and who are focused on environmental education and awareness.

Texas State Parks Become an Exhibitor Earthx2020 Earthx EXPO
TetraPak Sponsor Become an Exhibitor Earthx2020 Earthx EXPO

Show Your Stuff.
Become an Exhibitor.

As an EarthX Exhibitor you’ll have direct access to nearly 180,000 consumers who are passionate about the environment and eager to learn about the things your company or organization is doing to protect the earth and ensure a sustainable future. It is a great opportunity to reach thousands of earth advocates with your message at The World’s Largest Environmental Experience.

Join the Conversation

Canceled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 situation. Returning in 2021. Dine with fellow advocates and show your support for a cleaner, more sustainable planet. Get inspired and energized by a global lineup of government, industry, and environmental leaders, discussing the latest in clean solutions and ways to help create a sustainable world at one of our lunch and dinner banquets.

Become an Earthx2020 Sponsor. Protect the Planet.

By becoming an EarthX Sponsor, your company or organization will not only help to spread the word and promote conservation and sustainable lifestyles, but you will also be exposing your brand, products, and services to more than 177,000 like-minded people who love to support those who support Sustainable Lifestyles and Environmental Causes.

TetraPak EarthX Sustaining Sponsor of 2020 Become a Sponsor Earthx2020 Earthx EXPO
ONCOR Become a Sponsor Earthx2020 Earthx EXPO

EarthX Green Speaker Series

Hear expert speakers and panelists share their knowledge and views on all things green. From the state of the ocean, to wildlife conservation, to actions you can take in your community, they share breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and many other ways you can help build a sustainable future for our world.

Stream it LIVE on April 24, 2020


Our Earth. Our Home.
Eco-Art Competition.

Visit us online April 26 to see this year’s winning entries. Thanks for your interest, the entry deadline for 2020 has passed and the contest has closed for this year. We invite you to view the entries here and please consider entering the contest in 2021. Check back here in the summer to view the theme and enter the contest for next year.

Our Purpose

Our earth is not merely a resource for us—it is the source of life. EarthX brings together the latest environmental initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, policies and corporate practices. We connect, educate and inspire people to take actions that create solutions for a sustainable future.

Supporting awareness and celebrating progress, hope and innovation through the world’s largest environmental exposition and programming initiative.



Sharing ideas for businesses, organizations and the general public on ways to make positive changes in their work and lives.

Facilitating opportunities for businesses, government agencies and nonprofits to share their initiatives and make a positive impact on the environment.



Allowing the cross-pollination of initiatives, discoveries, research, innovations, policies and corporate practices to affect positive change and reshape our world.


Our Initiatives

There is a difference between simply understanding the issues and actively participating in activities that protect our earth.  Learn more and bridge the divide.
Investment Earthx2020 Earthx World


Shifting private investment to creating sustainable solutions.

Policy Earthx2020 Earthx


Making a positive change through our collective voice.

Emissions Earthx2020 Earthx


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions with solutions and targets.

Water Earthx2020 Earthx


Creating clean links between watersheds, rivers and seas.

Renewable Power Solar Earthx2020 Earthx


Decreasing emissions and supporting a clean energy future.

Ocean Earthx2020 Earthx


Supporting stewardship by reducing plastics and other waste.

Ocean Earthx2020 Earthx Expo Conference Film

Take Action. Be a Hero.

Connect with others and take ownership in the global effort to sustain our earth by getting involved. 
Download App EarthxApp Earthx2020 Earthx
Download the

Planning for Earthx2020 is faster and easier with the EarthxApp. View maps, agendas, plan routes through Expo, Conference, Film and Education attractions.

NEW Features Coming Soon!

Download App Store EarthxApp Earthx2020 Earthx
Download Google Play Store EarthxApp Earthx2020 Earthx


Change Happens Here.

EarthX partners with innovative organizations across multiple industries that are committed to sustainability and making the world a cleaner, better place. Our partners are leading the way in making our world a more eco-friendly place, for now and the future.

The Trust for Public Land

EarthX’s environmental mission to educate and inspire people to action aligns with The Trust for Public Land’s mission: To create parks and protect land for people, ensuring healthier, livable communities for generations
to come. 


Paving the Way for Corporate America to Address Environmental Issues.

A hand-picked group of top change-makers—corporate executives, environmental activists, investors and philanthropists from right-to-left— convene at EarthX for the Future 500 Summit.

EarthX Leads Pledge to Go Noco Loco.

EarthX is encouraging all participating restaurants and guests to “Go NoCo Loco” and reduce unnecessary waste during DFW Restaurant Week.

Texas Lionfish Control Unit

The TLCU is working to organize opportunities to better control populations of the invasive lionfish in and around the state of Texas.


In the wake of EXPO EarthX2019, EarthX staff members Melinda Garde, Caisey Hoffman, and Andi Johnson have worked to establish a network of young, driven, and environmentally conscious individuals.

Inland Ocean Coalition

Two non-profits, Stream2Sea and Inland Ocean Coalition, connected this year at the EarthX expo and the EarthxOcean conference. Their objective is to unite communities to educate and enhance knowledge of land-to-sea stewardship issues and solutions.


EarthX hosted AMERIPEN at Earthx2019 to collaboratively envision solutions for sustainable packaging strategies and systems. The “Innovation Needs for Circular Packaging Systems” meeting focused on the role packaging plays in a more sustainable society, economy, and environment.

Guardians of the Kingdom

Guardians of the Kingdom, a short film produced by Underwater Earth
and Vulcan Productions, premiered at the 2019 EarthX Film Festival. The film tells a story of the people of Tonga and the whales that inhabit its surrounding waters.

Restorative Farms

EarthX is proud of its impact in foreign communities – with a serious focus on connecting local groups to the international stage. In 2019, we hosted Carimar Barrientos Azuaje from Venezuela.

Earth Supply Company

EarthX exhibitor Earth Supply was formed to sell paper straws to restaurants, caterers, and conscientious consumers to address the negative impact of single-use plastic straw consumption.

Turning Awareness Into Action Through Art and Media

As part of our commitment to engage and inspire future generations to protect our planet, we have done the following: Engaged 17,000 students, Partnered with Big Thought, Encouraged STEM Learning, Provided Scholarships to Schools, Filmmaker on Tour Program, and more...

EarthxFilm White Logo

Paul Quinn College

Dallas’ Paul Quinn College and GridMarket announced a strategic plan at Earthx2019 to bring cost-effective Energy procurement, valuable infrastructure upgrades, and renewable energy generation to their campus.

Plant with Purpose

This year, Plant With Purpose and EarthX partnered on tree planting initiatives in Burundi and the DR Congo. Plant With Purpose was able to connect with environmental leaders and concerned citizens at this year’s event to raise money for their reforestation efforts in foreign countries around the world.


The EarthX media partnership with Entercom Communications aligns with Entercom’s nationwide campaign “Just One Thing Sustainability” in cities throughout the United States.

Arborilogical Services

EarthX exhibitor Arborilogical Services sponsored a fun and safe tree climbing event dubbed “Tree World” at the 2019 Expo at Fair Park in Dallas. The attraction served to reconnect both children and adults with nature by providing an enjoyable physical activity that they could experience as a family.


At the Earthx2019 EarthxE-Capital Summit, Austin’s Capital Factory awarded
startup Syzygy Plasmonics a $100,000 investment to kick start its fundraising efforts.

Last Chance Endeavors

Last Chance Endeavors is a Georgia based 501(c)3 organization that educates and inspires listeners through a podcast series called Conservation Connection.

Dimensional Energy

Dimensional Energy, a CleanTech start-up based in Ithaca, NY, developed a groundbreaking closed-loop system using carbon dioxide and sunlight to yield hydrocarbonic fuel through a photochemical reactor.

Helping Palau Go Green

EarthX has partnered with GridMarket, a web platform designed to help the Republic of Palau achieve 45% renewable energy generation by 2025. The partnership will focus solar photovoltaics, wind power, and battery storage. 

Paving the Way for Corporate America.

A hand-picked group of top change-makers convene at EarthX for the Future 500 Summit to explore how best to find common ground, build trust, resolve conflict, and mobilize markets and philanthropy to tackle humanity’s greatest challenges.

EarthX Leads Pledge to Strike Out Straws.

Over 500 million single-use plastic straws made from petroleum are used every day in the U.S. Once discarded, they require over 200 years to break down, which adds to plastic debris in our landfills and oceans.

Plant Trees. Change Lives.

EarthX is partnering with Trees for the Future, a Maryland-based nonprofit that is committed to ending hunger and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa and to empowering rural communities around the globe to take action to protect the environment.

Leading by Example.

EarthX partnered with Occidental Petroleum Corporation to host the EarthX Responsible Oil & Gas Conference, covering initiatives and technologies that can enable oil and gas companies to achieve sustainability in their operations.

Leading the Way on Sustainable Energy.

Energy giant Shell is all about delivering efficient, environmentally friendly solutions to meet society’s energy demands. And as part of that commitment, has partnered with EarthX to highlight several of Shell’s conservation initiatives.

Taking Hydration and Nutrition to a New Level

EarthX was instrumental in connecting Equinox Harvest, makers of natural birch waters, to TetraPak, an industry leader in cardboard drink packaging.

Caretakers of Repellency.

EarthX was instrumental in Accuro AgriServices joining forces with the JJ Barea Foundation Hurricane Maria Relief Fund, a crowdfunding campaign for relief efforts in Puerto Rico to donate all-organic pest control spray.

Veterans + Farming = Progress

EarthX was involved when FARM (Farmers Assisting Returning Military) received a home donated by the Veterans Community Project, an organization that provides transitional housing for veterans.

Planting the Seeds of Environmental Change.

EarthX was proud to support the Great Seed Bomb of the Native Prairies Association of Texas established by the Dallas Parks Foundation.

Turning Awareness to Action in Art and Media

To engage and inspire future generations to protect our planet, we have engaged 17,000 students in environmental programs and partnered with Big Thought to develop a K-12 STEAM-based environmental curriculum.

Protecting Our World with Organic Pest Control.

EarthX events helped consumers find green pest control options from partner Eco Friends Pest Control, which makes eco-friendly pest control options with zero synthetic chemicals and educates people on green solutions.

Strengthening the Spirit with Yoga, Dogs, and Dirt

The Warrior Spirit Project was an EarthxPitch Veteran Winner. Their mission is to restore the soul and strengthen the spirit of veterans and first responders through Yoga, Dogs, Dirt, and meaningful community engagement.

Let's Be Friends. Let’s Collaborate.

EarthX is proud to partner with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in roundtable discussions at our events and look forward to collaborating with them on areas of transmission grid modernization and energy storage.

Identify as an Earthling.

Show your colors. Support the cause. Influence others and make Mother Earth proud by rocking one of our EarthxShop T’s – NOW available for purchase online HERE. Several styles to choose from – with more coming soon. Get yours while they last!