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EARTHx. April 20-22, 2018 . Fair Park . Dallas, TX






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Launched in 2017 at EARTHx, the world’s largest eco-conference and exhibition, EARTHxFilm showcases films and emerging media that explore conservation, climate change and the environment. Its mission is to turn awareness into action through media and is a program of EARTHx, a global climate initiative.


EARTHx is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes a positive impact on the environment through education, events and curating a public platform for sustainable thought leadership. Founded in 2011 by philanthropist Trammell S. Crow, EARTHx brings together community, business, policy, education and technology innovation to help create a greener future

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Our earth is not merely a resource for us – it is the source of life. EARTHx is working tirelessly to educate and inspire individuals, communities and corporations to consider ways in which we can all contribute to a sustainable environment. We are bridging the divide between understanding the need for environmental solutions and actively participating in day-to-day activities that protect our earth from environmental harms. The best way for you to feel the connection between your personal desire to preserve the earth and our collective work is to take ownership through engagement, volunteering and financial support. This work cannot continue without you!