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Help PRODUCE the World’s Largest Environmental Experience.

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Volunteers will help attendees engage in hands-on activities that teach all earthlings how to make a difference in the environment, through science, play, and exhibits. In addition, attendees will learn what innovations are available for a sustainable future! Because of you we are able to host the World’s Largest Environmental Experience.

EarthX is excited to announce our partnership with VOMO, a platform designed to assist organizations and their volunteers by streamlining communication and making important information readily available.

Volunteers ages 13+ can register below.  Contact for details on volunteers under age 13.

In order to provide a safe environment for our volunteers, guests, and attendees, we require background checks, at no cost to you. Please select one of the buttons below. .

Thanks for joining the global movement to help raise awareness of Climate Change!


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Meet Our Volunteers

“In 2015 I began volunteering at the Earth Day Texas 3-day event. I met many passionate volunteers that had been giving their time to the celebration for years. While volunteering, I expanded my understanding regarding “being green” as well as familiarizing myself with various organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of our planet.  I returned to volunteer in 2016 to give my time at numerous educational events offered throughout the year, leading up to the Expo.  Some of my favorite volunteer opportunities was working with the Field Trip experience, representing EarthX at recruitment events, helping with team competitions, and high school debates. Returning year after year I have enjoyed checking guests in at prestigious banquets, celebrations and fundraising events.

My EarthX volunteer activities have even blossomed into paid opportunities. Thanks to the connections that I made through volunteering, I launched my green career with a sustainability company in 2016 as well as have been a seasonal EarthX staff member. Volunteer- Join the team, you will be glad you did!

Susan Ufer

Madeline Soong, a business major at the University of Texas at Dallas, was a volunteer for two days at the EarthX 2019 Expo. She had an unforgettable experience at EarthX that left a lasting impression. An impression so deep that she was one of the first people to apply for an internship at EarthX only a few months later. When asked, she stated that she applied because she “wanted to know how EarthX could bring together so many people and organizations” for a shared vision of what the future could be. She has been working hard with the EarthX team since September to prepare for EarthX 2020.


“My time in EarthX has led to irreplaceable experiences, unforgettable bonds, and opportunities that I would never have imagined. It has changed my life, and I can’t imagine what my life would be like without having worked at EarthX as an intern. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that everything started with my decision to volunteer. I only regret that I didn’t volunteer sooner!”

Madeline Soong

“When I was in high school, I became passionate about taking steps towards keeping the earth clean and beautiful. So, when I learned about the EarthX expo in 2013, I immediately signed up to volunteer and have been involved with this organization ever since. Over the years my volunteer experiences have grown from working one shift to volunteering as an all-day leader and eventually working the entire weekend as part of the EarthX staff.


Volunteering at EarthX is an incredible experience to see the community come together at the expo year after year to address and provide solutions to help solve environmental issues. EarthX is making a big and positive impact in this world to ensure our great grandchildren will thrive in this beautiful earth we call home. Moving forward, I will continue to help out at EarthX because I want my future children to fall in love with earth too!”

Cindy He