Joaquin Mariel

Joaquin Mariel is the Chief Operating Officer at Balcones Resources, a regional environmental services firm based out of Austin, Texas. His mission and passion in this role is to create recycling and other landfill diversion operations that combine bleeding edge technology and data-driven management, to prioritize the safety and satisfaction of its employees as much as the quality and integrity of the recycled commodities that mills and secondary processors around the world depend on. He believes that to make recycling more resilient and responsive to consumer as well as market forces, we must focus on the professionalization of the recycling workforce, making them experts and practical engineers of material handling processes and equipment.

Joaquin is an Alumni of the University of Texas where he received a BA in English. He is also an avid rugby “old boy” and coach, helping to develop young athletes and future ruggers for the Austin-based Huns Rugby Club. His most cherished activities are spending time in the kitchen or experiencing the outdoors with his two sons, Ruben and Massimo.