Ramona Liberoff

Ramona spent the first half of her career leading large insight and innovation teams for multinationals like Unilever, PepsiCo, and HSBC.  Since 2010 she has focused on the intersection of international development and the SDGs, finance, and innovation, including leading the SPRING Accelerator in East Africa and South Asia, COO of the Innogy renewable energy investment fund, and as a senior advisor to impact finance specialist Roots of Impact.  Her current work at PACE is leading a global public and private sector partnership to accelerate the circular economy, using very key leverage points in the global system such as the recapture of minerals for the energy transition or upcycling food loss and waste.  She holds master’s degrees from Yale University and the London School of Economics.  She has started three impact enterprises and invested in 30, as well as mentoring more than 300.