Natural Environment

Earthx2024 Natural Environment

Anchoring itself in the nexus of conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable development, the Natural Environment track proffers a varied and deep exploration into the mechanisms, strategies, and innovations that seek to harmonize human progress with the intrinsic value and balance of natural ecosystems. A myriad of sessions will delve into specialized topics, ranging from the nuance of blue economy to the forefront of wildlife preservation, food production, and biodiversity management. Engaging with leaders and change-makers, participants will find themselves enveloped in a rich tapestry of insights, ideas, and pragmatic solutions, fostering a collaborative atmosphere aimed at nurturing our natural world amidst global advancements and challenges.

Learn from key leaders and change-makers who are pioneering new approaches to wildlife and ocean conservation, creating new market-driven tools for protecting biodiversity and reducing carbon emissions, reinventing the future of agriculture and food production and managing forests and wildfires.