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Explore the Benefits of Hemp-Based Products
April 26-28
Fair Park • Dallas
Virtual Event in August. Dates To Be Announced.

What Is EarthxHemp?

Join EarthX for an exciting, educational weekend exploring the environmental benefits of hemp-based products. EarthxHemp highlights hemp industrial products ranging from highly sustainable hemp products such as food, household items, and personal products.



Hemp Pavilion

Panels and speakers subject to change.

DAY 1 – Friday – April 26, 2019
10:00AM • Luka Powanga, Ken Sagendorf: Regenerative Finance and Economics: Why Capitalism Is not Working for Everybody
11:00AM • Brandon Pitcher: Hemp in the Circular Economy
1:00PM • Derek Cross: Hemp Healthy Today
2:00PM • CBD Genie: Hemp and the Endocannabinoid System
3:00PM • Patrick T. Moran: Hemp-CBD as a Clean, Natural & Effective Neurological Therapeutic
4:00PM • David Ritter: Current and Future Status of Hemp in Texas
DAY 2 – Saturday – April 27, 2019
10:30AM • Ari Sherman, Jourdan Samel: Evo Hemp
11:30AM • Bridging the Political Divide: Clean Capitalism and the Global Energy Transformation
12:00PM • EarthxHemp Open Meet & Greet
1:00PM • Daulton O'Neill, David Flores: EarthxHemp Spring Meetup Educational Series
1:30PM • Sid Miller: Commissioner of the Texas Department of Agriculture
2:00PM • L. Pittman, Esq.: 2018 Farm Bill and Status of Texas Hemp Laws
2:40PM • Sit Down with Jenna Owens of Fitish
3:30PM • Morris Beegle, Rick Trojan, Cait Curley: Hemp Marketing/Media Panel Discussion
4:30PM • Sergiy Kovalenkov: Changing the World NATURALLY!
DAY 3 – Sunday – April 28, 2019
11:00AM • Henry Valles: Developing Community through Hemp Building
12:00PM • Patrick Flaherty: Bio-composites from an Engineering Perspective
1:00PM • Chip Comins, Richard Eidlin: Pricing CO2 in a Divided Political Climate
2:00PM • Rick Trojan: Hemp Road Trip
3:00PM • Coach Freddie, Derek Cross, Mark Linday: Triple Bottom Line
4:00PM • Doug Fine: Hemp Bound

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