2023 Energy Conference

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Energy Conference Mission

This conference features a wide range of topics affecting the energy industry, including Future of Energy: Balancing Energy, Economy and Security and Emissions Reductions.

It will look at the role fossil fuel will play as we transition to a net zero economy examining emerging technologies that will advance carbon elimination in the Fossil Fuel Industry.

It will also explore the role nuclear energy will play for achieving global net zero objectives. It will feature experts discussing advances in small modular reactors (SMRs) and challenges that still needs to be addressed.

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4311 Oak Lawn

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EarthX is a proud member of IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature.

April 21-23, 2023

Pragmatic Approaches for the Future of Energy

There seems to be agreement for the need to move towards low or no emissions, while also lifting the world from poverty.  This premise has spurred the growth of the renewable energy industry over the past 12 years. The aggressive growth of renewables like wind and solar are projected to continue as we strive to achieve a net-zero emissions energy environment. 

Yet, even with this growth, solar and wind still represent less than 4% of global energy production. Technology constraints, geo-political dynamics, the desire to maintain and grow economic health coupled with the need to devise practical solutions to address global poverty and enhance standards of living will necessitate the continued use of fossil fuels as well as the expansion of other energy sources like nuclear and hydrogen.

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Erika Pelletier

Julia Schmidt

Chad Ellis

Sarah Fulton-Smith

National Parks Conservation Association

Texas Partnership for Forest and Water

Texas Agricultural Land Trust

American Farmland Trust

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We are extremely excited to announce this year's lineup of speakers, which will include a variety of industry professionals, conservation experts, environmental researchers, and clean energy advocates. Find a sample of our lineup for the 2023 Energy Conservation Conference below.