Adam Hussain

Adam Hussain – Producer, Director, Cinematographer: 

Adam Hussain is a director, cinematographer, and editor, who specializes in underwater filmography. Adam has made his mark in various industries, spanning the documentary space, corporate, and commercial video. He uses his skills to shed light on ocean related issues, especially in his home state of California. With a communications and film background, PADI Scuba instructor and AAUS Scientific Diver Certifications, Adam aims to connect people to the ocean and restoration stories through visual media. He believes visual storytelling is the key to bridge the gap between the scientific world and the average person.  

 Having witnessed the unprecedented loss of 95% of kelp in his home coastline within his lifetime, Adam was inspired to utilize his background in film to create a global documentary about kelp forests. After a thorough year of research and consultation with scientific experts around the world, Adam became deeply informed on the natural history, ecological benefits, and cultural significance of kelp, as well as the primary reasons for the rapid global loss we are seeing today. Adam has fostered relationships with scientists, artists, activists, and companies who work to promote kelp conservation. His film “Seaforestation” is currently in production with an anticipated 2025 release.