Ashleigh Ross

Ashleigh Ross has 22 years of dedication to CCS across a broad range including strategy, technology, policy, economics, commercial and project development, and deep subsurface expertise, and was recently appointed to the White House Council on Environmental Quality’s CCS Permitting Task Force.  She is currently leading Carbon America’s business development, policy, and advocacy efforts to ensure a robust, effective, and efficient landscape for CCS deployment.  In previous roles, she was responsible for the development of BP’s CCUS strategy and portfolio and served as CCS expert and reservoir engineer at ConocoPhillips.  Ashleigh has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University, M.S. in Chemical Engineering and M.S. in Technology and Policy from M.I.T. focused on techno-economic based deployment strategies for CCS, and an M.Phil. in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge where she was a Gates scholar.