Cheyne Robertson

Cheyne Robertson, a native of Cape Town, South Africa, developed a profound affinity for agriculture and the captivating natural environment of his homeland from an early age. His formative years were spent immersed in the enriching experiences of learning on the family farm. Subsequently, he pursued academic endeavors in physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town, demonstrating a commitment to healthcare. His professional journey led him to serve in remote clinic settings within the African bush, where the remoteness from urban centers underscored the challenges he faced. 

Driven by a desire to effect substantial change on a global scale, Cheyne transitioned into collaboration with Alvaro Tangocci on the Ergofito project. In doing so, he discovered a profound connection with the product—a natural entity boasting a diverse array of constructive applications that proved irresistible. 

In his capacity as a consultant, Cheyne engages in multifaceted responsibilities, offering his expertise on farms and environmental remediation sites. Concurrently, he spearheads the marketing initiatives for Ergofito. This strategic alliance not only aligns with his professional aspirations but also facilitates the realization of his childhood passion for working with agriculture and fostering a deep sense of responsibility towards the natural world.