Rudy Montez

Mr. Montes started his remediation journey in line with his agriculture career in 2017 before hanging his boots up from overseas. He has established SOPs for growers and retail suppliers. Mr. Montes has also educated many farmers from the East Coast to the surrounding Texas states. He has specialized in industrial hemp, focusing on the new emergence of fiber and grain with regenerative farming practices. Transitioning from Industrial Hemp to Bioremediation in collaboration with Advance Alliance, his knowledge and competence, and dedication to bioremediation has garnered numerous indigenous people, and industry farmers and countless satisfied clients. His passion for this regenerative farming and sustainability through remediation of contaminated areas and landowner experience have made him one of the top consultants in the United States. Mr. Montes’ expertise is in remediating contaminated sites and military installations of impacted environments, that have been having an impact on climate change. 


Mr. Montes serves as the Phoenix Harvest Managing Partner, overseeing professionals collaborating to serve other clients with various talents. Mr. Montes’s strengths are creativity, analysis, negotiation, marketing, and problem-solving. He is an excellent listener and communicator with abundant patience and enthusiasm. He meticulously guides farmers and clients through each step of good and eco-friendly farming practices while removing contaminated areas and measuring carbon capture methodologies.