Sol Erdman

Sol Erdman founded the Center for Collaborative Democracy (CCD) to develop innovative tools for reaching constructive agreements on long-festering political controversies. CCD is currently focused on the Grand Bargain Project, which will bring together the men and women whom the American people would most trust to resolve our country’s gravest economic and environmental problems. The project has begun to develop and win public support for a combination of reforms that will promote broad prosperity, restore our country’s fiscal health and attain global climate stability.

Erdman’s expertise on resolving ideological conflict emerged at midlife, when he attended the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School and did cutting edge research with two of the program’s founders. Erdman’s articles on how to bridge seemingly irreconcilable differences have appeared in Barrons, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Tribune, the National Civic Review, State Government News, Roll Call and the Los Angeles Times. Erdman’s first career was at Oppenheimer & Company, a New York investment firm where he rose to senior vice president and head of options arbitrage. He has a BA in theoretical mathematics from Cornell and an MBA from Harvard.