DALLAS, TX (February 07, 2024)

EarthX, a global leader in promoting environmental awareness and sustainability, and Verdigris Ensemble, renowned for redefining choral music for a new generation, proudly announce a groundbreaking partnership. In a convergence of arts and activism, both Dallas-based organizations will collaborate on live and recorded performances dedicated to environmental justice, ecology, and conservation. This alliance aims to raise awareness for environmental efforts both locally and globally.

The collaboration will coincide with Verdigris Ensemble’s production of Dust Bowl (February 23-25 at the Wyly Theater), composed by Anthony Maglione with librettist Ron Witzke.

Rajan Singh, EarthX CEO, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “This collaboration exemplifies the powerful intersection of the arts and environmental advocacy. Through community conversations following each performance, we aim to provide audiences with an opportunity to engage with the issues presented in Dust Bowl, fostering awareness and encouraging proactive environmental action.”

Dust Bowl, conceived by Verdigris Ensemble’s artistic director Sam Brukhman, explores Texas’ unique environmental history through a captivating mix of bluegrass, video projection, and choreographed movement. The production sheds light on the real-life Dust Bowl that transpired in the 1930s, a historic period defined by hope and perseverance amidst a man-made natural disaster.

Kyle Igneczi, Executive Director of Verdigris Ensemble, highlights the significance of joining forces with EarthX. “We believe in the power of the arts to create a better society and a more united world. By partnering with EarthX, we have the opportunity to share these deeply intimate stories with a broader and more diverse audience, both locally and globally.”

The collaboration extends to a special presentation of Dust Bowl at the EarthX2024 Congress of Conferences. The Congress of Conferences will be held April 22-26, 2024, at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX.

Singh emphasizes the global impact of sharing Dust Bowl’s iconic story, stating, “This partnership allows us to take the world stage, telling a uniquely Texan story of human strength

amidst adversity. By addressing environmental challenges on a local level, we hope to inspire a brighter, sustainable future for our shared planet.”

Through Dust Bowl, Verdigris Ensemble continues to ignite community conversations and explore Texan stories devoted to environmental justice, ecology, and conservation. Environmental activist, poet, playwright, and historian David Marquis serves as a community liaison, providing firsthand insights.

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About EarthX

EarthX is a subsidiary brand of Earth Day Texas Inc., founded in 2011 as a 501©(3) to support Earth Day celebrations in Dallas. Since then, EarthX has grown into an international nonprofit and global environmental organization with a mission dedicated to environmental awareness, education, and inspiring passion in people and organizations to take action towards a more sustainable future.

EarthX Media Inc. operates EarthxTV, a 24/7 linear television network dedicated to engaging and informing audiences globally and is in over 60 million homes internationally. The company is headquartered in Dallas, TX.

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About Verdigris Ensemble

Verdigris Ensemble, a leading Dallas performing arts organization, is dedicated to creating a new music movement through devised and commissioned works that redefine choral music. Known for innovative programming, Verdigris uses cutting-edge technology and artistic collaborations to transcend traditional genres, creating immersive concert experiences. Their 2023/24 Season, themed “Regrowth,” aligns seamlessly with EarthX’s mission, featuring performances devoted to environmental justice, ecology, and conservation.

Performance Information:

Dust Bowl

Feb. 23 – Feb. 25

Potter Rose Performance Hall at the Wyly Theater

For further information, please contact:

Richard Harmer

EarthX Team