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EarthxConference is a series of conferences that convene for the purpose of cultivating relationships and forming partnerships between mission-driven advocates, investors, accelerators, researchers, and other concerned world citizens. The conference goals are to educate, promote and instigate activities that sustain environmental initiatives with a substantial, positive impact on all living things and on our planet.

Upcoming Conferences – LIVE Streaming

E-Capital Summit 2021
An invitation-only event that will convene, inspire, and catalyze action from hundreds of investment firms, early to late-stage innovators, established companies, industry leaders, policymakers, incubators, accelerators, and researchers to have substantial, positive impact on investments, businesses, people, and our planet.

Past Conferences – Watch On-Demand

The Current State: How Humans, Wildlife, and Nature Can Co-Exist In Today’s World.
October 19-21, 2020


Featuring Neil Chatterjee, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and Gabe Collins, Baker Institute, Rice University
October 22-23, 2020

EarthxEnergy | Responsible Energy Acquisition

An international event showcasing a broad range of efforts to bring about climate change, conservation and sustainability.
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Climate Week

Protecting the Life Support Systems of the Ocean
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A series of three no-holds-barred conversations between youth activists and seasoned creative activists about how we can create the future we want.
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Resilient cities have the ability to absorb, recover, and prepare for future shocks to their economic, environmental, social, and institutional services. Resilient cities promote sustainable development, wellbeing, and inclusive growth.
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March For Science will bring youth together to mobilize advocates around the world to support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and science-informed public policies.
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March for Science Global Youth Forum

Transformational Technology for a Climate-Smart Inclusive Economy. Presented by SMU Lyle School – Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity in collaboration with Blockchain Frontier Group and Fintech4Good.
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LAW AND POLICY SYMPOSIUM 2020: A Look at The Past, Present, and Future of Environmental Law.
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America’s leading gathering dedicated to effective stakeholder engagement. One hundred hand-picked executives, advocates, investors, and funders share candid insights and ideas from the front lines of environmental advocacy and protection.
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The EarthxE-Capital Summit cultivates and convenes private capital, financiers, early to late-stage companies, industry thought leaders, and national policy-makers to form partnerships catalyzing investment into environmental solutions.
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Island Leaders Discuss Solutions for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Island Resilience Forum

Speakers Series 

Green Speaker Series
Island Resilience Forum
March For Science Global Youth Forum

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Go FIFTY for 50

It’s the Ultimate Challenge for those who want Lasting Change.
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EarthX Green Speaker Series

Hear expert speakers and panelists share their knowledge and views on all things green. From the state of the ocean, to wildlife conservation, to actions you can take in your community, they share breakthrough innovations, practical home remedies, and many other ways you can help build a sustainable future for our world.

Stream it LIVE on April 24, 2020