Peter Churchbourne

Peter Churchbourne is an avid outdoorsman, conservationist, and steadfast advocate for all hunters. His passion is anything to do with the outdoors, but most important to him is hunting waterfowl with his labs, chasing turkeys, bow hunting, and introducing new people to the life outside.  Peter is currently the Director of the NRA Hunters’ Leadership Forum where he is engaged in building new NRA hunting programs and fighting for hunters’ rights. Before working for the NRA, Peter worked at Ducks Unlimited for 17 years in various leadership positions around the country. In his first few years at the NRA Peter was responsible for the production of the award-winning online hunter education course, and is also responsible for the creation of the How to Talk About Hunting book, and associated communication strategies in support of hunting. Peter sits on several boards for various outdoor organizations and enjoys helping create new leaders within the outdoor professional arena.